An Update (17/06/20)

Emily and I on the plane

Today marks 3 months since Emily and I landed back in Manchester after we were forced to abandon our planned 10 months away because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

A lot has changed in the world, in particular with regard to the Black Lives Matter movement and with the fight against COVID since we caught an emergency flight back from Sri Lanka. However, as you can imagine, we’re both still stuck in limbo with no sign of us being able to travel for the foreseeable future.

From 27 April, Emily has been living with me at my Mum’s house. NO, WE DIDN’T BREAK ANY LOCKDOWN RULES BEFORE YOU WONDER.


I ruled out searching for a full-time job (preferably) in the journalism industry straight away, as both of our intentions are to continue our itinerary as soon as it’s safe to do so. However, because of Coronavirus and seasonal differences around the world, we don’t anticipate this happening before January/February next year.

Since being back I’ve been volunteering as an NHS Volunteer Responder, which primarily entails picking up prescriptions for the vulnerable and calling elderly individuals.

I’m also in the training process to become a freelance football data analyst with an international company called SportsData, as well as writing football related articles for a sports website called

I’ve applied for other jobs, such as an NHS COVID Tracer and Domino’s delivery driver, but they’ve all been unsuccessful.

Emily returned to work as a Mobile Warden for Vitaline in May one day a week and has started picking up extra shifts since.

The return of sport & keeping busy

It’s fair to say the return of football and horse racing has been a GODSEND & the return of the Premier League from TODAY will only ease my boredom even more! (I’m not sure Emily is so pleased…)!

Our day-to-day routines consist of getting up at midday (after going to bed at 02:00 AM – I hate to admit), sitting in the garden (when the weather permits), baking or watching a film. You know it’s a dire situation when the only thing you’ve got to look forward to during the day is going for a drive to get a Starbucks or an ice-cream.

Like a lot of people, we’ve been doing weekly quizzes with our friends and families. Three weeks ago, it was our turn to host – we based our quiz around The Chase, which I think everyone enjoyed.

We’ve also both tried to take advantage of the spare time by learning Spanish together by using the Duolingo app, which I would highly recommend.

I’ve been spending hours and hours on FIFA to Emily’s delight, but after the last Weekend League, I’m now done with that broken game! (That probably won’t stop be going back to it next week, but anyway…)!

Getting Fit…

Since lockdown, I’ve been trying to get fit. The keyword in that sentence being, TRYING. We’ve even converted the house’s front room into a mini-gym!

I didn’t take this very seriously to start off with, but in fairness, since the beginning of the month, I’ve been cycling at least 8-13 miles a day, as well as doing 100 press-ups and 100 sit-ups a day. This is all well & good, but I haven’t really changed my diet! On saying that, I have lost 3 pounds in that time.

Emily has also been training by doing home workouts. We both realised how hard hikes were to do in 30°C heat, so we decided we both wanted to try and get in shape before travelling again.

For the time being, we’ve just got to sit tight and pray there’s not a second wave.

3 thoughts on “An Update (17/06/20)

  1. Hi Alec. Fab to read your blog. Looks like you and Emily both doing great . So lovely you now staying together. Survive covid together and you will survive anything. Will I go and buy my hat ?
    Only knowing you for a short time in India you both made me wish I was your Granny like I am to my 2 beautiful granddaughters.
    Such a beautiful couple who are intent on overcoming everything that is put in your way. Alec I think you have proved that already. Emily it seems too you will always climb over every hurdle to ensure you get what you want out of life.
    In lockdown John and I also been learning Spanish on duo lingo. A great ap which Philip and Patricia introduced us too. Prior to lockdown we were going to Spanish lessons but now it is duo lingo.
    Loving your volunteering work. Have you ever thought of doing a TEFAL course ? My granddaughter furloughed meantime from STA. She signed up to teaching Chinese children / young people . Completed her TEFAL and has her first student tomorrow. She gets paid too. Will never be a millionaire but learning lots and something extra to put on a CV.
    I doing Pilates 3 times a week over a video link and most days walk at least 4 miles. Yes it’s important to keep fit especially with your dream to travel again once safe to do so.
    Be proud of what you both are already achieving. Keep your dreams alive to travel and find out about the world and yourselves.
    You are just starting out and we are at the other end. Always believe in yourself and your dreams. Nothing is ever beyond reach if you want it enough.
    I hope you and your families are all well.
    Take care. Enjoy life.
    Love Lynne xx

    1. What a lovely message to receive, Lynne. Emily and I are both fine along with our respective families – I hope everything’s okay with yourselves too.
      TEFL is something I’ve considered, but I haven’t pursued anything as yet.
      Glad to hear you too are keeping fit and learning Spanish!
      Take care.
      Alec x

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