The perfect way to spend 3 days at Niagara Falls & Toronto

We arrived in Toronto on 3 May having caught a very short 1hr 40min flight over from Chicago. In honesty, we flew to Toronto predominantly to visit the famous Niagara Falls, which is only a couple of hours drive away. There weren’t too many sights in Toronto other than the CN Tower that we wantedContinue reading “The perfect way to spend 3 days at Niagara Falls & Toronto”

Chicago – The Windy City

Chicago – renown for its chilling winds, amazing pizza and for depicting Gotham City in the Batman franchise. 13°C and 16°C were the temperatures for the three days we were here, which would be considered warm and probably shorts weather back home in the U.K. but here, it was freezing – layers were needed! ScenesContinue reading “Chicago – The Windy City”

The perfect proposal in Central Park

Ever since we started planning our travelling again, I knew I was going to propose to my girlfriend, Emily. We have been together now for eight and a half years, so it was probably about time! I’d spent hours looking for the perfect engagement ring and days stressing about where and when I would doContinue reading “The perfect proposal in Central Park”

The bright lights of New York – Times Square, The Empire State Building, Broadway & More (Days 1,2 & 3)

Day 1 After boarding an Amtrak train lasting a little over three hours, we arrived in New York around 15:30PM. We walked the short distance from Penn Station to our hotel, which is literally a stones throw away from the iconic Times Square. Keeping in touch with family is a priority of both of ours,Continue reading “The bright lights of New York – Times Square, The Empire State Building, Broadway & More (Days 1,2 & 3)”

First Stop – 72 Hours In Washington D.C.

On 21 April, after both testing negative for COVID-19 (thank god) we made the journey down to Heathrow and stayed in an airport hotel overnight. We were up at the crack of dawn the next day ready to catch our flight at 11:15 direct from Heathrow to Washington with British Airways. There were, of course,Continue reading “First Stop – 72 Hours In Washington D.C.”

Travelling is back on!

After 763 days, Emily and I are finally continuing with our travels! This time our planned route is a little different. For those of you that didn’t know about our original travelling itinerary, you can read about it here. We spent six amazing weeks in South Africa, India and Sri Lanka before we were forcedContinue reading “Travelling is back on!”

Travelling the world…

The next nine or so months will see my girlfriend, Emily and I travel around the globe with flexible flights to 12 different countries. After I finished my Masters in Sports Journalism, I was at a crossroads in my life. I applied for the position of Media Assistant at Rochdale FC – a perfect entryContinue reading “Travelling the world…”