OPINION: Etihad Airways is overrated and us Brits are too ​nice

Etihad Aeroplane

I’ve come to the conclusion after flying from Johannesburg to New Delhi via Abu Dhabi that Etihad Airways aren’t what they’re made out to be and that Brits are too nice. Let me explain…

I’m not stereotyping all Brits, but I know I’d choose to keep quiet rather than putting someone in their place.

It comes after some bloke who was sat in the window seat two isles down proceeded to blast his music throughout the entire flight, which made it impossible for anyone in the vicinity to sleep.

Yet, no one, including Emily and I felt like we could tell him to turn it down or even better, off. After all, isn’t that what earphones are designed for?

That’s also not to mention the guy in front who pushed his chair all the way back, which left me with even less legroom than I originally already had in my uncomfy seat; the two howling babies that cried the whole way there and the turbulence, which was like Storm Dennis had found its way over to Africa!

It’s hard enough to sleep on a plane when you’re travelling in economy class anyway, right?! I know I struggle.

To make matters worse my headphone jack for the on-screen entertainment was faulty and only worked out of one ear.

In fairness, the cabin crew were lovely and did everything they possibly could by giving me three new headphones, as well as resetting my TV operating system.

On board Etihad entertainment

Maybe the temperamental headphone jack was trying to tell me not to finish watching Hotel Mumbai – a film about dozens of people that were killed in a terrorist attack in India in 2008. Regardless, I managed to watch the entire film and to be fair, I was gripped.

However, in my sleepless 8 hours, I did manage to beat the plane’s Tetris high score with 48,430 points; win £32,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, as well as write this blog post.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire on Etihad Plane

On a positive note, I managed to get my head down for a couple of hours on our connecting Etihad Airways flight to New Delhi.

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  1. No Harm in telling it As It Is your body will catch up with the sleep it needs, trust me i know time now to Enjoy India and all its wonders

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