Stormsrivier, Tsitsikamma National Park

Alec Zip Lining

After a mammoth 11 hour journey on the Baz Bus, we reached our overnight hostel –Tube ‘N Axe Backpackers in Storms River in the beautiful Tsitsikamma National Park.

This was the first hostel I’d ever stayed in, so it’s fair to say I was feeling fairly apprehensive.

However, as soon as we arrived everyone welcomed us with open arms and we soon began mingling.

At this point, I should note that we were staying in a private tent with en-suite – I’m not quite at the point of staying in shared dorms just yet…

Most people we spoke to were visiting the worlds biggest bungee jump off Bloukrans Bridge, which we passed on the bus – I’ll go on rollercoasters and I can’t wait to do a skydive, but that wasn’t for me, or Emily.

Bloukrans Bridge

Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour & Goesa Trail

We booked the zip lining canopy tour on the Baz Bus and also wanted to go kayaking, but unfortunately, the latter was fully booked.

I’d never been zip lining before other than on little ones in a kids playground, but I was excited to give it a go…& I loved every second.

Later that day, we decided to walk the Goesa Trail, which was only a short 2km walk in Tsitsikamma National Park. We soon came across a herd of baboons and it suddenly became quite apparent that we were out in the open…

I made use of the hostels hammock for the last couple of hours to catch some extra rays.

Chilling in a hammock at the hostel

Another gruelling four hours on the Baz Bus eventually lead us to Port Elizabeth, where we’ll be staying until Friday.

Baz Bus

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